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Community-Based Resiliency for Collective Impact

AHAM Education CEO Knellee Bisram is the Co-Chair of the Mind Body Resiliency Coalition (MBRC), a Sub-committee of the Children Services Council of Browardworking toward a vision that all children in Broward County have access to mind-body tools that empower them to cultivate inner resilience, self-compassion, build strong positive and empathetic relationships, and live a meaningful and fulfilled life. Together we use a results based accountability approach to plan, deliver and report on the impact of the collective mindfulness work of multi-sector member entities.

To join our coalition as a member click here.

Broward Community offerings

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Broward County Public Schools and the Children Services Council of Broward County, AHAM is offering Mind Body Skills groups following the trauma-informed healing model created by the Center for Mind Body Medicine (CMBM) as part of the Broward Comprehensive Wellness Program. 

Weekly Mindful Broward Community of Practice

We partnered with Diversity in Aquatics and the SWIMS Foundation to create a Mindful Broward Community of Practice Beach Meditation every Sunday at a historic black beach in South Florida to practice self-care in a natural space and to integrate the healing power of water on our bodies, hearts and minds.

A Mindful Beach Clean Up for Healing, Justice and Action

Building upon the community of practice, in partnership with the Southeast Climate and Energy Network (SCEN) and with the generous support of the CSC of Broward and many other community stakeholders and volunteers, we have been hosting a Mindful Beach Clean Up for Healing, Justice and Action a few times per year. This mega event integrates radical self-care with radical earth healing and justice through a contemplative nature program of walking in peace with the earth, practicing blue mindfulness in the water, and mindfully cleaning up the beach. 

To learn more about how you can participate or support this initiative, see our events page or email us at

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