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Honduras Teacher training 2017
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Mindful Movement, Bear Lakes Middle
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Closing “pizza” ceremony #mindfulness kids & teen classes _ BlakeSchool
Closing “pizza” ceremony #mindfulness kids & teen classes _ BlakeSchool

"Glocal" Projects


We serve children and young adults, and at risk populations by delivering direct program content in a variety of ways.

South Florida 

-Superintendent's Mindfulness Initiative (Broward County Public Schools)

-K-12 youth Mindful Health and Peace education classes

-Mindfulness-based Social-Emotional Learning trainings

-Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction courses

-Mindful Leadership training 

-Conscious parenting classes

-FRESH (Focus, Resilience, Empowerment & Sustainable Health) Program

-LAW (Life and Work) Balance

-Community wellness initiatives 

Latin America and the Caribbean

-MEILAC (Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence in Latin America & the Caribbean)

-Honduras Mindfulness project

-Trinidad Mindfulness in Education project

-Trinidad Mindfulness for Survivors project



We value the work of like-minded entities who share our vision for social and emotional wellbeing for youth and at risk individuals.


We recognize that by partnering and working together we not only achieve greater impact, but also model through such collaboration a culture of comm-unity, "coming together as one".


Our partnerships are in the areas of leadership, wellness, and education. Some of the initiatives include:


-BCPS Superintendent's Mindfulness Initiative with Inner Explorer (Aetna funded) and other partners

-FRESH Program with PBCSC

-Community wellness with 211 Broward

-CSC Broward non-profit capacity building

-Boys and Girls Club of Broward with Project Calm

--Trinidad Mindfulness in Education with ICTA

-TESOL-HELTA and US Embassy Honduras Specialist Program

Resource Collaborative


AHAM is buidling a Resource Collaborative Initiative designed to leverage funding and in-kind support for a variety of projects with like-minded missions.

We believe that by creating a strong funding and resource base for both our organization and others that share our vision, we ensure more sustainable outcomes for those that we serve.


Through the AHAM Circle of Friends we ensure an ongoing pool of funding used to match contributions and grants leveraged from external philanthropic sources. 

Through our 2 for 1 Project, for every Corporate or Private program we deliver, we fund a program of the same scale at a school or community organization.


Our Be The Change initiative enables families to fund their own project that is aligned with our mission and capacity.