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Who We Are

AHAM Education was conceived out of the observation that all too often in Western society, individuals come to a process of self-discovery and mastery during the adult phase, after negative habits and patterns have already become well-entrenched, when imagination has been dampened by life circumstance.

We undergo academic, intellectual and professional training, yet are hardly taught to investigate important life-defining questions...

who am I?

why am I here?

what is my purpose in society?

...or to explore the full use of our hearts and minds as instruments for realizing our full potential.

The great philosophical traditions, now supported by psychological and neurological studies, continue to show that the source of lasting happiness, fulfillment of purpose and meaning in life stems from one’s ability to live fully in the present, express gratitude, and show compassion and loving kindness to oneself and others. These principles inform the three pillars underlying our mission and strategic plan: Presence, Positivity, and Peace.

Presence (Mindfulness)

Living in the present, or mindfully, not only allows for a fuller appreciation of life as it unfolds moment by moment, but also triggers a natural process of self-inquiry that may lead to the discovery of life’s true meaning and purpose. We use Mindfulness-based tools to teach presence and conscious living to youth and adults.



Positive psychology has shown the power of imagination, visualization and positive thinking techniques in creating personal transformation necessary for fulfilling goals and dreams. We use evidence-based Positive thinking and capacity development strategies to teach vision building, and goal setting and other success skills.


Further, empirical studies support the above approaches and other peace education methods as means of developing wellbeing, and ultimately a more peaceful society. We use Mindfulness-based and Peace Education tools in our community programs to promote conflict resolution and justice.


Our learning institutions are largely based on an externally focused process of acquiring knowledge and skills, with little internal reflection upon one’s innate abilities, let alone how these can be harnessed to serve society.


This recognition has inspired the vision to avail our youth and adults that influence them of the opportunity to learn practical tools to live in the present, to look within for purpose and meaning, and to use the power of the mind to realize their full potential and add value to society. Embedded in this vision is a conviction that by positively impacting youth our work can serve as a catalyst for social transformation towards greater peace and wellbeing.

Philosophy and Core values

-we are perpetual students engaged in a life-long process

-we teach only what we know to be true in practice

-we collaborate with like-minded entities to realize our vision

-we are invested in the long term wellbeing of the individual and society

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