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Healing the World - Global Advocacy and Action

Image by Oleh Aleinyk

Working within the United Nations framework...

AHAM Education is an organization with consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). In collaboration with like-minded NGO partners around the world, we are actively advocating for and offering mindfulness, mind body resiliency and healing-centered solutions to meet the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Healing People Heal the Planet and Be Nature Programs


Healing People Heal the Planet is a solution to meet the climate crisis and the human development crisis by integrating the healing dimension into climate justice activism. The same way that hurt people hurt people, hurt people hurt the planet, even with the best intentions. We are working to shift the paradigm and relational pattern with our environment.

We work with environmental organizations, eco-activists, and non-activists alike to experientially catalyze trauma in the form of eco-grief, anxiety, fear, systemic and chronic stress and disconnection, and transform it so we can thrive, act for justice from a place of love, and restore lost connections to earth. Be Nature, a collaboration between Knellee and Piero, is an immersion retreat in nature based on the same principles of Healing People Heal the Planet. A documentary is forthcoming with the same title, Healing People Heal the Planet, showcasing AHAM's work as a mindful eco-advocate and active member of the Southeast Climate and Energy Network (SCEN).

Water for Healing Justice and Action - AHAM's Water Action Partnership Commitment

As part of our Global Advocacy for Water and Climate Justice work, we are partnering with the Southeast Climate and Energy Network (SCEN), Diversity in Aquatics, 7 Directions of Service, and other notable partners to increase awareness, engagement and action among Youth, Women and BIPOC community on the healing properties of water, the history of water relations in the US and small island states, and the importance of restoring relationships to our natural waterways for personal and community healing as well as the need to protest these waterways for sustenance, employment and survival.

We are engaged in mindfulness communities of practice near waterways, education and advocacy efforts for petitions on right to clean water and soil at community events, documentary film screenings and panel discussions on the history of water access, exclusion and trauma and how water-centered mindfulness and indigenous practices can help to heal, restore and activate marginalized communities to protect and restore natural waterways. ​ 

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The Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean (MEILAC)

MEILAC is a globalized version of our Life and Work (LAW) Balance program, and is a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence solution for businesses, organizations and governments designed to create greater employee well-being and happiness, more empathetic leadership, peak performance and work satisfaction.

The program is designed specifically for leaders, professionals, business executives, public officials and leading academics. Participants from over 12 countries have participated in our MEILAC workshops and trainings in Latin America and the Caribbean. To learn more about how you can participate or support this initiative, please email us at

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