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The Art of Mindful Parenting 4-Part Workshop Series

Mindful or conscious parenting is the application of mindfulness practice to the art of parenting. In a world that is fast-paced, stressful and demanding, this approach guides parents to be self-aware, present and responsive to our children instead of distracted, controlling and reactive. A mindful parent is imperfect, vulnerable, and willing to learn from our children, and skillfully balances boundaries with love and compassion. By transforming ourselves as parents, we empower our children to be their authentic selves and find their own path to fulfillment and success. 

To watch a video of past sessions simply click on session you want to watch:

                            Part 1 of 4  What is a Mindful Parent?                                                               Part 2 of 4  Reactive vs Responsive Parent












                          Part 3 of 4 Mindful Communication in the Home                                             Part 4 of 4  Balancing Love and Discipline

Mindfulness for Families

Building Resilient Communities through Mindfulness Education 

at EFLtalks, ELT for Puerto Rico

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