Learn about CMBM in Broward

Broward County Public Schools

Superintendent's Mindfulness Partnership (SMI)

AHAM Education partnered with Inner Explorer, Aetna, and the Broward County Public School District to launch the Superintendent's Mindfulness Initiative (SMI), the first district led program bringing Mindfulness-based tools to adults and youth in South Florida. 

After the tragic event in Parkland, Florida, the SMI has expanded to include the Center for Mind Body Medicine, Wuf Shanti, and other partners, all working toward healing and resilience for all children and adults touched by the school system. Together we intend to build a more conscious and resilient community school culture in Broward county by providing simple Mindfulness tools in the classroom, Mindfulness-based and Mind Body training for BCPS district staff and educators, community workers and parents.

By equipping our youth, dedicated educators and school staff, and parents with evidence-based Mindfulness and Heartfulness tools that build balance, resilience, compassion, and empathy, we hope to improve both educational and socio-emotional outcomes for children and families in Broward county. 

Mindfulness-based Social-Emotional Learning (MBSEL)

AHAM Education, through the generous support of Aetna and other funders, as well as the collaborative effort of Inner Explorer, offers two Levels of Professional Development Mindfulness Training for all district employees following the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocol.  BCPS Staff earn professional development points, and through our partnership with International Seminars Group, we offer Continuing Education Credit for Nurses, Counseling, Psychologists, Social Work, Family and Life Therapists and Registered Dietitians.

Mind Body Skills Groups (using Center for Mind Body Medicine model)

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Broward County Public Schools and the Chidren Services Council of Broward County, AHAM is offering Mind Body Skills groups following the trauma-informed healing model created by the Center for Mind Body Medicine (CMBM) as part of the Broward Comprehensive Wellness Program. 

To learn more about how you can participate or support this initiative, please email us at bcpsprogram@ahameducation.org.