Founder and CEO

Knellee Bisram, M.A. transitioned from her career in international relations and international consulting to dedicate her efforts to AHAM Education, where she now serves as NGO Representative to the United Nations. She is a student of meditation, mindfulness and various mind-body modalities for over 35 years, a Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) instructor and Certified Center for Mind Body Medicine (CMBM) facilitator. She has designed curricula and taught Mindfulness, Mind-Body and Emotional Intelligence to youth and disabled individuals, educators, counsellors, health practitioners, veterans, business, government, and community leaders in English and Spanish throughout the Americas. She holds a BA in languages, and a MA in International Relations and Latin American Studies. 



Board Chair

Stephen Cameron, Esq. is a Litigator, Business Leader and Owner of Cameron Law Group LLC, a Fort Lauderdale law firm with offices in Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Stephen has been a student of meditation, and present moment awareness for over 35 years, and applies mindfulness to law practice and leadership. He is currently on the MEILAC (Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean) Committee, which offers these tools within organizations, government and businesses. He earned his Law Degree at Nova Southeastern University.



Board Member

Alexander Easdale, M.A.  is Executive Director of the South East Climate Action Network (SCEN) and Principal of Forging Alliances Inc., an internationally focused consulting firm.   Alexander has held multiple leadership positions in the non-profit sector, academia, business and government. He has been practicing mindfulness and meditation since 2014.  He is currently on the Fundraising and Collaborative Committee, to leverage and maximize resources for local and transnational programs.  Alexander has a Master’s degree in International Relations/Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University.



Emeritus Board Member

Iris Ratcliffe, M.A. is a Curriculum Specialist, Professor of Humanities, and Board Chair of AHAM Education. She has been a student of present moment awareness and meditation for over 40 years, and a teacher of Presence  for many years  in New York and Florida. Iris has undergone the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindful Schools Programs, and has designed curricula to employ these tools in the performing and creative arts. She has applied mindful coaching in educational and wellness contexts. Iris holds a Master’s Degree in Theater Studies from New York University.